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It is imperative that small businesses as well as large companies face their competition with the knowledge necessary for success.

Business Consulting

United Intelligence Corporation has proven methodology that provides exceptional value in today's volatile marketplace. Our methodology provides a framework where we gain an extensive understanding of our client's requirements and objectives. We turn this understanding into a project that is delivered on-time and within budget. Our project managers and technical experts are selected for their specific knowledge need for the project. United Intelligence Corporation is different because we select the right resources to meet your project's needs. United Intelligence Corporation works closely with our clients to deliver real business solutions using expert knowledge and superior methodology. Our services span across virtually technical field, business area, includingsoftware and communications infrastructure.

If you are starting a small business we recommend you read our page on How to Start a Business to gain insight into the process. Also consider our Business Productivity Recommendations.

Consider UIC as your go-to-source in the following areas:

Project Management Complete project management services including analysis, requirements development, budgeting, acquisition of resources, scheduling and implementation.

Internet Marketing (SEO and SEM) Competition in the Internet is intense. We can help your small business or large corporation maximize its sales potential.

Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program™ and Innovation Consulting and Planning We can help you expand into new markets, develop new products or services, improve your forcasting, and increase sales..

Web Site Design and eCommerce We provide professional web site programming and eCommerce applications for small businesses and larger organizations.

Business Intelligence Using BI to monitor and control business critical processes and to continuously improve organizational processes. BI is not just a service for large corporations. Today many small businesses are using BI to achieve business success.

Business Planning and Strategic Planning Develop business strategies for small businesses and larger corporations that lead to long term organizational success.

Business Process Improvement What differentiates and makes businesses successful is the optimization of their business processes. Small businesses and larger companies often have inefficient business processes that can be streamlined to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Competitive Intelligence Knowing your competition, understanding the market, and knowing your organization are the keys to success for both large and small businesses.

Identification Technologies In conjunction with futurecities Inc. United Intelligence is working to implement Real ID systems at the state level, with the DOD and major universities. These systems offer consumer identity theft protection and provide the identification technology for governments.

Simulation and Optimization No longer reserved for large  companies process modeling, production modeling, and systems modeling services are now available to small businesses as well. 

Information Workers and Librarians Finding the correct information quickly is critical. We have the resources to help you find the information you need.

Management Consulting We have business consultants and technology consultants to help you achieve your large or small business goals.

Marketing Plans and Implementation Marketing is the key to success for any size sales organization.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Use GIS to better understand markets and demographics. We have helped small businesses and larger organizations visualize and study their market using GIS.

Note: Our Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided. For specific variations to these terms please contact our project manager.

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