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Embedded System Engineering

United intelligence Corporation provides the project management, electronic engineering, software development, electrical engineering and mechanical design services to engineer embedded systems.

Embedded systems are the heart of many medical, commercial and industrial products. Contact us for assistance in performing up-front analysis, engineering scope, specifications, electronic design, software development, assembly, production, field deployment, and quality assurance testing.


Embedded System Design Circuit Board

Engineering services for embedded system development for medical devices, automation control systems, autonomous devices, remote operation devices, automated inspection systems, robotic systems and other custom devise.

Integration of custom hardware, mechanical and electronic devices to achieve your goals. Specialization in adaptable systems that can provide an expanded range of capabilities beyond the capacity of conventional special-purpose systems.

Our multilevel processing capability allows us to interface with real-time activities while simultaneously performing higher level computations adaptable behavior. Comprehensive engineering capabilities that allow special limited function devices or complex expanded function devices depending upon your requirements.

Visit our web site further or to contact one of our specialists. Phone 949 954-0767 or use our Contact Form for more information.

Phone (949) 954-0767 or
use our Contact Form for more information.