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Product Development

Outsourcing your product development is a serious matter. There are concerns for your intellectual property, concerns about costs and concerns about manufacturability of your product and finally the schedule.

We address all of these concerns using our standard project management processes. The steps include:

Analysis – Meeting with the client and gathering information on the product to be developed.
Research – We research the current technology, the existing market, assess IP concerns, and look at all the technical aspects of doing the product.
Assessment – Based upon the analysis and research we formulate a project plan by consulting with our technical and business resources. We develop a detailed Microsoft Project schedule and estimate the costs and risks.
Proposal – We review with the client the proposed plan, costs, risk assessment, and schedule. Once the client accepts the proposal, we begin the work.

During the course of the work we have weekly meetings with the client were we report the planned hours, earned hours, project costs, risks, and restraints. The client is always kept informed on the project status.

Our proposal will include using the latest 3D modeling software (usually SolidWorks), the latest embedded processors (if required), 3D printing systems,



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Phone (949) 954-0767 or use our Contact Form for more information.

Phone (949) 954-0767 or
use our Contact Form for more information.