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Reverse Engineering Consulting Services

Our definition of reverse engineering is the determination of how something was originally designed and built by taking it apart and examining its components. This process can involve mechanical measurements, chemical analysis, software analysis, electronic analysis, the use of sophisticated molecular level analysis, and many other techniques.

Choosing the right approach, human resources and equipment for the reverse engineering process is critical to minimizing project costs and ensuring project success. This selection process also takes clear thinking.

At United Intelligence we are very careful to select only inspired resources that have expert level knowledge of the devices and equipment involved. We can provide expert witnesses, engineering evidence, and reverse engineering documentation to help your legal counsel determine if there has been patent infringement or trade secret infringement.

Another use for reverse engineering is to examine old out of production devices, software and equipment to determine they can be rebuilt to perform the same functions as originally intended. In the case of military equipment or industrial equipment we can develop direct replacements or design modern equipment to perform identical functions.

If you have software or equipment requiring our technical services such as reverse engineering, we invite you to contact one of our specialists by phone 949 954-0767 or use our Contact Form to make an inquiry..

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