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It is imperative that small businesses as well as large companies face their competition with the knowledge necessary for success.

Technical Consulting

United intelligence has the unique ability to develop teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or domain experts that can achieve your technology and business goals. We help you define the goals of the project and then we find the best resources available to complete your project - on time and within budget.

By using best SMEs in the field we eliminate startup time, and take advantage of their extensive experience. This is unlike conventional organizations that depend upon using their existing in-house resources to solve problems and meet project objectives. At UIC only the SMEs are used on projects.

We offer our services on a project a fixed price or cost plus basis. Once the requirements are determined, we work with our client's project leader(s) to perform the tasks and implement the solution. We provide extensive documentation of all projects. Our capabilities include large projects as well as small and medium size projects.  We invite you to explore the world of United Intelligence by calling us for a no cost consultation..

Electronic Design – Need a small subsystem or a complex electronic system? Contact us for a no cost quotation for your electronic design needs. We have electronic engineers that are knowledgeable about the latest technology. We can design, prototype, test, and design for manufacture your product or replacement system..

Software Development – Consider United Intelligence if you have complex software development needs. No matter which language or platform you choose we can assemble a team of experienced managers, SMEs, developers and testers to make your project a complete success.

Product Development - Today's products have shorter life cycles. From conception to production the time may be as little as two months. At UIC we utilize advanced SolidWorks modeling software combined with embedded processor development tools to aid in conceptualization, design, and facilitate manufacturability.

Robotics and Factory Automation – The application and design of robotics and factory automation is the key to success for modern companies. Define a goal and we will achieve it. We have access to experts in many robotics fields.

Reverse Engineering – Intellectual property defense assistance, expert witnesses, re-engineering old equipment. We only do reverse engineering to help defiend our clients intellectual property.

Embedded System Engineering – Embedded systems design and engineering services including rapid prototyping, product design, electronic design, software developent, and testing.

Technology Assessments – Are your departments and teams making the right technology decisions? We can codify domain knowledge, perform analysis and offer recommendations. We offer valuable second opinion technology advise.

Android Application Testing and Market Research – We provide alpha and beta testing services for Android applications. We can also help you with android application market research.

Note: Our Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided. For specific variations to these terms please contact our project manager.

We invite you visit our web site further or to contact one of our specialists. Phone 949 954-0767 or use our Contact Form for more information.

Phone (949) 954-0767 or
use our Contact Form for more information.